A response to a pointless response

I know some Orthodox ladies do, and this seems to make more sense to me. His question bothered me for a while.

A response to a pointless response

Always gratifying to see a reason for something that appeared randomly harmful… Also, found a typo: Have you ever observed a self-replicating car? Have you tried to figure one out? Have you tested to see if any of the steps of the sequence are in fact possible, or impossible?

As a matter of fact it is not that difficult to imagine potential stepwise sequences by which a self-replicating car COULD in fact evolve into an airplane.

Imputation and Paradigms: A Reply to Nicholas Batzig - Called to Communion

Transitional forms even exist in real life! When we examine a car, we infer that it is designed from 3 features. Absent the above three features, an alien looking at a car would not be able to conclude that it was an designed artifact and not an evolved organism.

Just because you with your limited imagination cannot envision such a transition does not mean it is impossible. The car functions perfectly as a car, so this is functional.

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The winglets are decorative, but some people like it, making it easier to sell. So it is even advantageous. Increase the size of the winglets. At each step, there is decorative appeal. The car remains functional as a car throughout. Once the winglet size reaches a certain threshold, the car can function as a weak glider.

This means it can jump gaps slightly greater than before. This is a functional advantage. It also means that if it falls off a cliff, it will not fall quite as quickly and sustain less devastating damage on impacting the ground.

It will cost less to repair. This too is an advantage. Now the gliding function can be improved by gradually decreasing the weight of the car, stripping out unnecessarily heavy padding and components, and replacing some of the heavy steel parts, one bit at a time, with lighter aluminum parts.

We can further improve the gliding function by slowly, step by step, warping the shape of the car body, making it more streamlined and rounder. Through all these steps the car still functions perfectly as a car, and becomes an ever better glider.

Meanwhile, the increased streamlining and lighter weight increase its fuel efficiency. Yet more functional stepwise improvement. Finally let the wings increase stepwise until it becomes a full fledged glider.

Next you want to turn the glider into a plane. All you need for that is to give it its own motive power. Not conceptually difficult since the two types of engines are in fact similar enough that they can and have been interchangeable.

Give a slight rotation to one of the wheels so that as it spins, it will generate a weak force backwards, pushing the glider forward. Not enough to be fully powered, but enough to extend its glide ratio just a little bit. Stepwise change the shape of the tire rim until it is a propeller.

Each step increases the motive force, and even when it is not yet a fully functional propeller, it will still serve to let the glider glide further. More fully functional advantageous stepwise changes.

Then you keep the remaining three wheels as landing gear, and you have a prop plane. Or maybe even simpler, turn it into a gasoline-powered rocket engine.

Of course the scenario is dependent on certain environmental factors. It will need a population of car buyers who find little winglets on cars attractive for the early steps. And it will need a population of car buyers who value fuel efficiency and aerodynamic shapes over plush and heavy luxury acroutements for the middle steps.

But that is true with real world evolution too. One more time I ask you: All I need to do is show that it is possible, and I have already done so.Christine Lattin doesn't like that PETA has exposed her cruel and pointless experiments on birds. We respond to her misleading comments.

A response to a pointless response

When one of the most successful authors on the planet takes the time to talk about something you did, I figure that deserves an in depth response. David Bruck wrote a response to Mayor Edward Koch's essay entitled, "Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life," in which he goes on to explain through examples why the .

So my MIL is probably a borderline narcissist, and tries to control (me) and often does control (my husband) through guilt. She is only happy/nice.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who arrives in Washington this week, is a man on a mission with a story to tell. It’s an appealing if slightly embellished narrative. In response to my recent blog post about Tableau 8, largely a critique of packed bubble charts and word clouds, Chad Skelton of The Vancouver Sun wrote a rejoinder.

In it he essentially endorsed my critique, but also argued that it is sometimes appropriate to use packed bubbles to present data to.

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