An analysis of the scientific religious and emotional arguments on cloning

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An analysis of the scientific religious and emotional arguments on cloning

What stresses moms most? Themselves, survey says But in almost every case, the religious debate is still open-ended. Three basic questions The discussion eventually wraps itself around three central questions: Would cloning somehow corrupt traditional family relationships and lineage?

Is destruction of a fertilized embryo during research murder? Picking a position on cloning is actually an exercise in revisiting basic religious beliefs, says Coutney Campbell, director of the Program for Ethics, Science and the Environment at Oregon State University.

In that sense, the discussion about therapeutic cloning tends to follow lines similar to the debate over stem cell research and, ultimately, abortion. As a result, Jewish scholars are generally among the most vocal religious leaders in support of therapeutic cloning.

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Back inthe church became the leading voice against human cloning of any kind. However, there is great diversity of opinion among other Christian denominations, and even within those denominations.

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Campbell used a simple traffic-light system to classify the religious points of view: Catholics and Southern Baptists issue clear red lights on both therapeutic and human cloning. The main reason, Campbell says, is the tradition of emphasizing individual choice over central dogma.

Yes and no Some other faiths are even harder to pin down. Buddhism might be willing to accept cloning, Campbell said, because it represents a leap in modern science and self-understanding that could be considered a path to enlightenment. On the other hand, the Eightfold Path prohibits harm to any sentient beings, which could be seen in the destruction of cells necessary to perform cloning research.

Advertise Damien Keown, professor at Goldsmiths College in London and perhaps the best-known expert on possible Buddhist responses to cloning, generally agreed. Buddhists already believe in non-sexual reproduction, for example, since Buddhism teaches that life can come into being through supernatural phenomenon like spontaneous generation.

But that hardly means Buddhists will welcome clones. On more practical grounds, Buddhism promotes ultimate respect to every sentient being, and that generally includes cells born out of research. Destroying such cells, even in research on animal cloning, runs contrary to Buddhist teaching.

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But there are plenty of concerns about the desire for greed and power that might be served by aggressive scientists who call for cloning.Four panels addressed the specific scientific, religious, ethical, and legal implications of human reproductive cloning and stem cell research.

This document gives a brief summary of the issues as they were raised by the four panels. As arguments against human cloning he cited: There is no right to have a genetically related child.

Cloning. Arthur Peacocke explains his views on the religious implications of advancements in cloning science. Religion and cloning.

An analysis of the scientific religious and emotional arguments on cloning

Updated Friday 3rd August I think there's a lot of woolly thinking going on about what cloning is for and I think one of the moral arguments against it is this deep suspicion that people want to clone.

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CLONING HUMAN BEINGS An Assessment of the Ethical Issues Pro and Con against human cloning. Though many people’s religious beliefs inform their views on human religious positions and arguments pro or con.

I shall also be concerned principally with cloning by nuclear transfer, which permits cloning of an adult, not cloning by embryo.

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