Anthropology previous question papers upsc

Relative and Absolute Dating methods. The concept and characteristics of culture and civilization; Ethnocentrism vis cultural Relativism.

Anthropology previous question papers upsc

What is Biological Anthropology? Biological anthropology, also known as physical anthropology, is a scientific discipline in which research is concerned with the biological and behavioral variation of human beings, other non-human primates, and extinct hominin ancestors of the human species.

It is a subfield of the broader discipline of anthropology, and it provides a biological perspective to the systematic study of human variation. This branch deals with the evolution of humans, their variability, and adaptations to environmental stresses. Using an evolutionary perspective, we examine not only the physical form of humans - the bones, muscles, and organs - but also how it functions to allow survival and reproduction.

What aspects of our biology and behaviour are uniquely human and what do we share with other species?

Why is there so little genetic variation among humans across the world? Are we still evolving and why has natural selection not eradicated disease?

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Can a statistical test save lives? These are some of the big questions Biological Anthropology tries to address by comparing humans with other animals. As a subfield of anthropology, biological anthropology itself is further divided into several branches - Paleoanthropology, Primatology, Human behavioral ecology, Human biology, Bioarchaeology, Paleopathology, Forensic anthropology.

Protein synthesis refers to the process whereby biological cells generate new proteins. The steps in protein synthesis are explained as follows.

The RNAs migrate from the nucleus into the cytoplasm. Prior to the beginning of the protein synthesis, all of the component parts are assembled in the ribosome. Translation occurs in the cytoplasm.

After leaving the nucleusmRNA must undergo several modifications before being translated. Sections of the mRNA that do not code for amino acids, called introns, are removed. The ribosome proceeds to the elongation phase of protein synthesis.

During this stage, complexes, composed of an amino acid linked to tRNA, sequentially bind to the appropriate codon in mRNA by forming complementary base pairs with the tRNA anticodon.

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The ribosome moves from codon to codon along the mRNA. When this happens, no tRNA can recognize it, and the release of polypeptide chain happens.

Anthropology previous question papers upsc

The newly formed polypeptide chain undergoes several modifications before becoming a fully functioning protein.The Anthropology question paper lisetd below are actual papers that were given for teh civil service mains examination held by UPSC. Our UPSC Anthropology question bank is . APSC CCE Previous Papers for both prelims and Mains APSC Combined Competitive Examination Question Paper pdf is available here.


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