Essay about earthquake and tsunami in japan

As the reactors were unable to generate power to run their own coolant pumps, emergency diesel generators came online, as designed, to power electronics and coolant systems. These operated nominally until the tsunami destroyed the generators for Reactors 1—5. The two generators cooling Reactor 6 were undamaged and were sufficient to be pressed into service to cool the neighboring Reactor 5 along with their own reactor, averting the overheating issues that Reactor 4 suffered. These pumps needed to continuously circulate coolant water through a Generation II reactor for several days to keep the fuel rods from melting, as the fuel rods continued to generate decay heat after the SCRAM event.

Essay about earthquake and tsunami in japan

The last time I saw him four years ago, he was watering his vegetables with only a bucket in his determination to resume farming. It was then that I saw first-hand how the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan had completely and mercilessly obliterated his local farming community.

Ootomo welcomed us back with open arms. It was so great to see him again! At the train station, huge paper decorations for the Sendai Tanabata festival swayed colorfully. Thanks to the mentorship and coordination from Mr.

Glenn Tanaka, we were also joined by our wonderful translator, Ms.

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We all piled into his van, and as we drove through town, I solemnly noticed a highway overpass with a line that marked where the water level had reached during the tsunami. There was also a new super tall structure designated as an emergency shelter in case of a future tsunami.

Newer temporary housing caught my eye, looking more like apartments than the hurriedly built rectangular portables I saw back in I learned that depression and domestic violence continue to be a cruel reality for residents. I was told the temporary housing units were all full, and aboutpeople are still in temporary housing in Japan.

Many of us saw the horror of the earthquake and tsunami on the news. We watched the waves crush everything in its path. We watched homes and cars destroyed. What we did not see was the recovery from the disaster and how the Japanese people persevered through so much tragedy with "gaman. Today, I would visit farmers that have received aid from the Walk the Farm fundraiser.

We drove to a nearby farm, and after proudly showing me her restored small but flourishing plot of land, Farmer Kayoko firmly grasped my hands with her own worn and weathered hands.

With her stooped shoulders, slight frame and grandmotherly glasses, I was surprised by the strength of her grip. I was then taken aback when she bowed so low and deeply towards me, a mere teenager.

Essay about earthquake and tsunami in japan

With raw emotion, she told me to tell everyone thank you for helping her family rebuild her swept-away home and farm. She said she was so grateful for everyone's support and all the blessings that kizuna has brought. Before this trip, the only association I had with the word "kizuna" was with gokizuna.

Essay about earthquake and tsunami in japan

I didn't know what the word meant. Kizuna means bonds and connections. One month after the devastation inPrime Minister Naoto Kan spoke of kizuna as the "bonds of friendship" as he described how over nations and 40 international organizations swiftly came to Japan's aid.

Throughout the day, the farmers kept mentioning kizuna and stressed with appreciation the importance of these local and international relationships in their recovery process. Every cloud has a silver lining. For the farmers, that silver lining has been kizuna.

Ootomo's dream had been to move out of temporary housing into a permanent home.

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I was so happy to see a newly built house in the field we had visited four years before! He still grows fruits and vegetables, but he was sad to say that he had retired from farming.

He is older, and it is too difficult for him to farm. Rather, he and his wife help the farming community by hosting events in their home. They arrange activities such as informative talks, sewing classes, exercise sessions, day-trips and picnics to lessen post-traumatic stress and anxiety for survivors.

They also organize and deliver donated food to temporary housing residents. Ootomo feel that it is their mission to lift the spirits and to create and deepen kizuna within their community.

He and his wife give their heartfelt thanks to Walk the Farm for providing financial and emotional support to the farming community in Idohama. Farmer Sachio and Farmer Keiko, husband and wife, shared with us their horrific ordeal on that March 11th.Published: Thu, 01 Jun Earthquakes can have disastrous effects on humans and on the environment.

An earthquake is the result of trembling, rolling and vibration of the ground triggered by the sudden release of energy that is stored below the surface of the Earth (Ford ).

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This earthquake was known as the “Great East Japan Earthquake” which caused a tsunami (Euromonitor, ). Tourism in Japan was at a standstill for about year until During the year of , Japanese people did not travel and “people refrained from leisure activities” (Euromonitor, ).

Dec 19,  · Japan Earthquake Essay On March 11, Japan experienced an earthquake, which has become the most terrible and destructive in the history of this country.

The terrible tragedy in Japan shocked the world’s population, took thousands of lives and has dangerous long-term consequences for people’s lives and for the world 4/5(1). Essay Economy of Japan after tsunami. When an earthquake followed by a tsunami hit Japan, the people were devastated and everyone was scrambling for their safety.

TRAINING CERTIFICATION Click on doug, the thinker, for information on training and certification at the International Disaster Reduction Institute. Complete training in rescue, recovery, disaster mitigation and management.

We offer the most experienced, most knowledgeable and most professional training available, in the world. Japan earthquake and tsunami - Japan is an island nation located in East Asia.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia.

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