Essays on chemtrails

Harley passed away on December 25th, May he rest in peace forever, he was and still is a great loss. Our family, months later, is still grieving.

Essays on chemtrails

Casio Biolator Japanese Biomate biorhythm calculator The notion of periodic cycles in human fortunes is ancient; for instance, it is found in natal astrology and in folk beliefs about "lucky days". The and day rhythms used by biorhythmists, however, were first devised in the late 19th century by Wilhelm Fliessa Berlin physician and patient of Sigmund Freud.

Fliess believed that he observed regularities at and day intervals in a number of phenomena, including births and deaths. He labeled the day rhythm "male" and the day rhythm "female", matching the menstrual cycle.

Essays on chemtrails

InViennese psychology professor Hermann Swoboda came to similar conclusions. Alfred Teltscher, professor of engineering at the University of Innsbruck, developed Swoboda's work and suggested that his students' good and bad days followed a rhythmic pattern; he believed that the brain's ability to absorb, mental ability, and alertness ran in day cycles.

Gittelson's company, Biorhythm Computers, Inc. Biorhythm programs were a common application on personal computers ; and in the late s, there were also handheld biorhythm calculators on the market, the Kosmos 1 and the Casio Biolator.

Critical views[ edit ] There have been some three dozen studies supporting biorhythm theory, but according to a study by Terence Hinesall of those had methodological and statistical errors. An examination of some biorhythm studies found that the theory is not valid Hines, It is empirically testable and has been shown to be false.

Terence Hines believes that this fact implies that biorhythm theory 'can not be properly termed a pseudoscientific theory'.

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However, when the advocates of an empirically testable theory refuse to give up the theory in the face of overwhelming evidence against it, it seems reasonable to call the theory pseudoscientific. For, in fact, the adherents to such a theory have declared by their behaviour that there is nothing that could falsify it, yet they continue to claim the theory is scientific.

Without those, biorhythms became just another pseudoscientific claim that people are willing to accept without required evidence. Those pushing biorhythm calculators and books on a gullible public are guilty of making fraudulent claims.

They are hoaxers of the public if they know what they are saying has no factual justification.How to Breathe Free in Chemtrail world Chemtrails are just a symptom! Hack your future with our ALTA report!.

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The art of predictive linguistics

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Self-reactive, self-adaptive, self-modeling program for predictive force deployment, in other words it can predict conflicts before they occur and react in pre-emptive manner. I live in NW Minnesota and there are a lot of chemtrails here.

Watching I deduced most Canadian canada air flights spray while I haven't seen any from Delta or American flights.

Self-reactive, self-adaptive, self-modeling program for predictive force deployment, in other words it can predict conflicts before they occur and react in pre-emptive manner.

Dr. Robert H. Bitzer