Evaporation and transpiration notes

Polygenic inheritance Transport in angiospermophytes 9. Plant roots are very important for water and mineral ion absorption as well as the anchoring of the plant into the ground.

Evaporation and transpiration notes

Using instruments like a scintillometersoil heat flux plates or radiation meters, the components of the energy balance can Evaporation and transpiration notes calculated and the energy available for actual evapotranspiration can be solved.

This allows for both actual and potential evapotranspiration to be calculated on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Evapotranspiration is a key indicator for water management and irrigation performance. The weight of a soil column is measured continuously and the change in storage of water in the soil is modeled by the change in weight.

The change in weight is converted to units of length using the surface area of the weighing lysimeter and the unit weight of water.

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Remote sensing[ edit ] In recent decades, estimating evapotranspiration has been improved by advances in remote sensing, particularly in agricultural studies.

However, quantifying evapotranspiration from mixed vegetation environs, particularly urban parklands, is still challenging because of the heterogeneity of plant species, canopy covers and microclimates and because the methodology is costly.

Different remote sensing-based approaches for estimating evapotranspiration have various advantages and disadvantages. Eddy covariance The most direct method of measuring evapotranspiration is with the eddy covariance technique in which fast fluctuations of vertical wind speed are correlated with fast fluctuations in atmospheric water vapor density.

This directly estimates the transfer of water vapor evapotranspiration from the land or canopy surface to the atmosphere. Hydrometeorological equations[ edit ] The most general and widely used equation for calculating reference ET is the Penman equation. Other solutions used includes Makkink, which is simple but must be calibrated to a specific location, and Hargreaves.

To convert the reference evapotranspiration to actual crop evapotranspiration, a crop coefficient and a stress coefficient must be used. Crop coefficients as used in many hydrological models usually change along the year to accommodate to the fact that crops are seasonal and, in general, plants behave differently along the seasons: Urban landscape plants[ edit ] Methods for measuring evapotranspiration can be adapted to an urban setting to estimate the water requirements of urban landscape vegetation.

The estimation of evapotranspiration ET and subsequently plant water requirements in urban vegetation needs to consider the heterogeneity of plants, soils, water, and climate characteristics.

Both methods require knowledge of reference ET calculated from meteorological data. More information is available in:Evaporation and transpiration both put water into the air as a gas, but in different ways.

Evaporation is a process you are likely familiar with because it . CROP WATER REQUIREMENTS AND ITS CALCULATION Dr. Huanjie CAI Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China California State University, Fresno, United States Lecture Notes for The International Workshop on Water-Saving Irrigation in Arid and Semiarid Regions YangLing, China Evaporation Evaporation + Transpiration =Evapotranspiration(ET) 3.

Evaporation and transpiration.

Evaporation and transpiration notes

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farmland that is continually irrigated becomes less fertile as salts and minerals build up from evaporation. Lecture 9: Evaporation. Key Questions. 1.

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What is a evaporation? 2. Why does evaporation cool water? 3. What are the main energy inputs into a lake? Nov 17,  · Heavy Water Fractionation during Transpiration 1.

In hydrology it is important to be able to distinguish transpiration from soil evaporation. The evaporation component in the evapotranspiration (ET) flux can be estimated using isotope mass balance equations, Notes.

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