Gender and col

She was freaking out, and she needed a moment outside her Capitol Hill building in Washington to think about the odd turn her life had taken that day, Dec. Schroer was a dream candidate, a guy out of a Tom Clancy novel:

Gender and col

Testimony of Colonel John W. I, too, would like to begin with prepared remarks. Very briefly, my association with combat. I served my first combat tour as a young Marine captain company commander of a rifle company for a year in Vietnam, along the DMZ; from Khe Sanh, virtually all of the fire bases, over to the Tonkin Gulf, Con-Tien, Rockpile, Khe Sanh and the jungles in between.

My next tour was with the Vietnamese Marines four years later, where I served in virtually the same area. At the time, Khe Sanh was abandoned, and I had the distinction of being the last American there, having been shot down there twice on two consecutive days.

I had been trained exceedingly well by the Marine Corps. There are only two present active-duty Marines so designated. At the time, my rifle company weighed out at about Marines; perhaps.

When you added your attachments, your engineers, scout dogs, and others that joined that company, it could be perhaps another 25, 30 Marines in addition. I lost my company percent in that 11 months, killed and wounded: I feel I have a basis upon which to comment, and I would like to read this statement: First of all, this subject should not be argued from the standpoint of gender differences.

It should not be argued from the standpoint of female rights or even desires. As important as these issues are, I think they pale in the light of the protection of femininity, motherhood, and what we have come to appreciate in Western culture as the graceful conduct of women.

We simply do not want our women to fight.

Gender and col

We simply do not want them to be subjected to the indescribable, unless you have been there, the horrors of the battlefield. The oft-intoned surveys that we have heard have yet to show you even a reasonable minority of women who feel that they belong in combat units. The only purpose is to further the interest of the individual, as opposed to improving the unit.

Now, combat Marines will tell you that any leader, junior or senior, who focuses on himself, as opposed to the good of the unit, is completely worthless as a leader and he will never be followed willingly, and he will never gain the respect of his Marines.

Combat Marines will also tell you that they distrust any leader who puts his own wellbeing and his own ambition ahead of the mission of the unit, or the good of the unit. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely what is happening here.

Must we permit that in order to permit an extraordinarily few to become generals and admirals, as they would wish to be? I will tell you at the same time, having been shot down in a helicopter at Khe Sanh on two consecutive days, different aircraft, that no woman could have sustained the crash of the aircraft or the physical effort necessary after the crash to evacuate myself and another 16 dead and wounded in order to remove myself from this combat necessity.

No woman could have done that. No woman remaining alive after such an event would have had the physical power to extract those killed and wounded men; the pilots and the crew, absolutely no one. Every single mother has courage. I will not tell you that women do not have strength.

Women have strength beyond description, and certainly strength of character. I will tell you, however, that this combination of strength, courage, and the suppression of emotion that is required on a daily, perhaps hourly, basis on the battlefield is rare indeed, rare in the species, and is not normally found in the female.

Now, does that offend you? This is simply an observation. Can they fight in the conditions of the battlefield of which I am familiar, and the cohesiveness of the unit, and can they add to that cohesiveness?Jun 02,  · Conservative critics have charged that Moody’s decision to hire someone like Ms.

Garrick — who had said in her job interview that she is a gender egalitarian as well as an ordained minister. Aug. 6 (UPI) --Former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander has a new role as Col.

Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Alexander will don the white suit and beard that the real Col.

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Sanders. The Gender Identity Guide for Army Personnel has been updated from but causes confusion by calling gender 'self-determining' yet on the next page says 'one does not choose the gender' The. Social Work’s Gender Problem Its ranks are overwhelmingly female.

Bringing more men into the field would improve the way it deals with family and parenting issues. Col. David Feltwell United States Army Secretary Mark Esper told Task and Purpose that he was in favor of a gender and age-neutral test because “the enemy does not specify who they’re.

PSY COL Assignment 2 T-tests are used when you want to examine differences but you do not know everything about the population. There are three types of t-tests that you may choose to do: one-sample t-test, independent sample t-test, or dependent sample t-test.

You can calculate these by hand, in SPSS, or in Excel. The instructions below can be used for SPSS and your textbook offers.

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