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INADA offers you the most innovative and extensive range of features of any massage chair and is the brand of choice among discerning buyers. The chairs combine shiatsu master massage movements with state-of-the-art Japanese engineering and have been recognized around the world for innovative design and exceptional product quality. INADA massage chairs offer unsurpassed satisfaction, exceptional massage quality and superb endurance and reliability.

Massage chair

With this massage chair, you also get close to professional massage for your whole body, including arms and feet. The chair is customizable with the use of sensor technology. One of the benefits of the EP is the amount of massage options you get.

First of all, you can choose the five pre-set programs. Additionally, there a 8 manual operations: You can also set one of the 4 minutes programs: Integrated into the chair there is a total of 36 airbags that are placed targeting all the parts of your body.

According to your preference, you can also adjust the intensity level of the massage. The EP offers a lot of customization, so you can create the perfect massage experience. The chair also has the recline option, so you can get deeper relaxation and more intense massage.

The model features memory for 24 programs, so it will always remember your favorite presets and massages. The chair offers a variety of pre-programs: Swedish, Shiatsu, Quick, and Stretch. Except for the type, you can also choose the technique: Additionally, the features include an auto recline to an angle of degrees and an air ottoman system with air bags.

Massage chair

The chair provides amazing massage for full body, including legs. It squeezes and stretches them, relaxing any sore muscles. Though not that highly priced, it comes with many of the same features that you can find in more luxurious massage chairs on the market.

This chair they have designed with a new feature: In recent years it has been quite popular to add a heating element to massage chairs.

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However, in all the other models the heating element was stationary and was woven into the fabric. It was providing heat only to one or on some models to two locations. The most common heated part is the lumbar area. It melts away all the stiffness, relieves fatigue and provides additional therapeutic offers premier massage chairs, recliner massage chairs and shiatsu massage chairs.

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Massage chair

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