My choice of an engineering career

I take them one at a time.

My choice of an engineering career

Why to choose engineering?

Good Services with Professionalism! Usman Rashid At the end of the day, we have what we feel is a green and a well functioning system. Kelly and her staff were very personable, and very professional to deal with.

So for us, it was a very successful project.

My choice of an engineering career

She was very fast to reply and to help me out. Would recommend her or contact her myself again in the future if needed. The community of Stanhope has a history of water and sewer concerns and has been the subject of previous studies.

It was decided by the north Shore Council that a more comprehensive assessment of the water and sewer needs for the whole North Shore Community was required.

ETC successfully delivered the study needed to serve as the framework for the future of this municipality. As background, the residents of the Stanhope Peninsula have historically dealt with water quality problems such as salt water intrusion, coliform and e-coli bacteria contamination.

Studies conducted in andboth confirmed that more data was needed to better understand the current potential issues and identify cost effective solutions and options.

The purpose of the Water and Waste Water Servicing Study for the community was to investigate and identify existing and potential water and sewer issues withing the communities of Stanhope, Covehead, and West Covehead and recommend an appropriate mix of options for financially viable, environmentally safe and sustainable long term solutions.

The contract was awarded to ETC principally because of their proven track record of assessing and developing workable water and sewer options and solutions for small rural communities. We are confident that the study is built on solid statistical data and this is enforced by the expertise of ETC as well as those professionals that were consultants on these projects.

ETC partnered with hydrogeological consultants, municipal engineers, and planning consultants in order to ensure that the technical issues were thoroughly addressed in the study.

All four volumes are valuable living documents and have provided Council with the ability to make informed decisions in the best interest of the residents and property owners.

On a personal noted, Kelly Galloway and her staff are conscientious, enthusiastic, hard working and professional in their field of endeavour. ETC is a team committed to a solid end result.

It was a pleasure to work with Kelly and the staff of ETC and it is without hesitation, I recommend ETC to other municipalities who are considering undergoing a water and wastewater servicing study. We are confident that the study is built on solid statistical data and this is enforced by the expertise of ETC as well as those professionals that were consultants on these projects Under the leadership of Mrs.

The concept may be simple, but it is not simple minded.

My choice of an engineering career

Ample evidence of this exists in the numerous poorly done projects that dot the country. I have been deeply involved with these systems continuously since 35 yearsand have consulted on hundreds of systems from coast to coast and beyond.

I have given presentations in most U. States, certain universities, and consulting engineering offices, and gave intensive training sessions for EPA personnel.

When an engineer undertakes an innovative or alternative project that has little local familiarity, is less financially rewarding, and subjects the engineer to risks of ridicule, all on behalf of the client and the environment, that engineer should be commended by the engineering fraternity.

Over a period of 20 years or more several previous attempts by Victoria Council to implement a central sewer system had been unsuccessful. Residents were concerned about costs and there was some opposition to the installation of a new direct discharge pipe to the harbour.

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Victoria Council undertook this project with the following objectives in mind: To rectify the sanitation problems in the core area of Victoria due to malfunctioning septic systems.Are you looking for a new career in engineering, but don’t have a bachelor’s degree in engineering?

You can earn a master’s degree in engineering through Boston University’s Late Entry Accelerated Program (LEAP), even if your bachelor’s degree is in the Liberal Arts, Business, Fine Arts.

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