Physics sound wave experiment presentation

S o u n d PowerPoint Presentation: A wave is a repeating disturbance that transfers energy through matter or space.

Physics sound wave experiment presentation

Note the format for this website has changed; please refer to this information under "Understanding Neurosync" From their brochure: Your ears hear nothing but your mind hears and accepts the powerful suggestions.

You can safely play these tapes Physics sound wave experiment presentation - in a car, while watching TV or listening to your favorite music, while working or even as silent sleep programming.

Everyone within listening range of the tape will be programmed by the suggestions. Increase the volume until it is just below any tape noise. If your stereo deck has treble and bass controls, you can boost the subliminal output by increasing the treble and decreasing the bass.

The player then emits a strong but inaudible frequency - modulated 60 - 90 decibel signal that is received and demodulated by the human ear.

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The Suggestions are delivered on a carrier frequency of 14, cps, via a low-distortion sine wave signal. This frequency is slightly above the audible hearing range but the frequency-modulated FM signal is still strongly impinging upon the diaphragm of the ear.

The listener can expect his subconscious mind to accept the suggestions with repeated listening. Because the frequency is beyond normal recording range, the tape cannot be duplicated: Be ultra-successful and become wealthy" - "Every day in every way, you become more successful" - "Your creative thinking opens the door to monetaryabundance" - "You easily achieve and maintain a penile erection" - "Your body performs perfectly during sex without thinking about it" - "A hard, firm erection is your natural response to sexual stimulation " - "You can make love for a long before you ejaculate" - "Every day you feel better about your sexual prowess and your ability to achieve and maintain a hard, firm erection" "Acoustic Spotlight Can Target One person in Crowd " Posted by F.

Physics sound wave experiment presentation

The Audio Spotlight can be used in two major ways: As directed audio, sound is directed at a specific listener or area, to provide a private or area specific listening space. As projected audio, sound is projected against a distant object, creating an audio image. This audio image is literally a projected loudspeaker - sound appears to come directly from the projection, just like light.

The Audio Spotlight consists of a thin, circular transducer array and a specially designed signal processor and amplifier. The transducer is about half an inch thick, nonmagnetic, and lightweight.

The signal processor and amplifier are integrated into a unit about the same size as a traditional audio amplifier, and have similar power requirements.

Because it is impossible to generate extremely narrow beams of audible sound without extremely large loudspeaker arrays, we instead generate the sound indirectly, using the nonlinearity of the air to convert a narrow beam of ultrasound into a highly directive, audible beam of sound.

The device transmits a narrow beam of ultrasound bluewhich, due to the inherent nonlinearity of the air itself, distorts changes shape very slightly as it travels. This distortion creates, along with new ultrasonic frequencies, audible artifacts green that can be mathematically predicted, and therefore controlled.

By constructing the proper ultrasonic beam, this nonlinearity can be used to create, within the beam itself, an audible sound beam containing any sound desired. This is presently done in real-time using low cost circuitry, a specially designed amplifier, and transducers developed at MIT specifically for this project.

The directivity, or narrowness, of an acoustic wave generated by a circular transducer is proportional to the ratio of the diameter of the transducer to the wavelength of the sound.Localization of Sound At low frequencies ( Hz), use relative intensity in both ears one ear is in sound shadow even with one ear, can tell front vs.

back at high freq. Speakers. The Doppler effect causes the “neeeeeoowwm” sound of a speeding car passing by. © The Physics Classroom, All rights reserved.

WAVES UNIT Catch a Wave! WAVES UNIT Catch a Wave! UNIT INTRODUCTION The study of waves is an important topic in science. Without waves, sounds would not be produced They examine how the pitch of a sound depends on the vibrating object's length, thickness Prepare a short oral presentation to the class, explaining how you built your.

Sound Waves 1. Unit 1 - Waves Sound Waves 2. Unit 1 - Waves • Sound is a wave, which is created by vibrating objects and propagated through a medium from one location to another.

Time. Time is what a clock is used to measure. Information about time tells the durations of events, and when they occur, and which events happen before which others, so time has a very significant role in the universe's organization.

O.A.K.: New Physics-Sythetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars