Preschool literacy

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Preschool literacy

Alphabet Mailbox Make a mailbox from a cardboard box, grab some small envelopes and add letters to them. Children love feeding the mail into the mailbox. They can hand it out to classmates who can also pop it in the mailbox.

Beading with letter beads For beginners just let them work on beading, if they are interested in the letters they will start seeking out the letters they are familiar with.

If you are teaching older children, feel free to give them the option to spell things like their names. Once children are spelling with the beads you will need a few packs to ensure that you have enough letters for whatever they want to spell.

Building with alphabet blocks matching upper and lowercase too. I write out the alphabet at least twice once in upper and once in lowercase letters. Children can build, they can spell, make an alphabet tower, and they can match up the upper and lowercase letters.

There is no wrong way to use these blocks. The child can choose to use the blocks based on their interests and abilities. What I love about free choice is that the child on the left of Preschool literacy can be spelling with these blocks while the one on the right could be building a tower without caring about the letters at all.

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They are both learning. Letter stamps and paper. There is something so satisfying about banging a stamp down. Fun colored ink pads take it from plain Jane to a fine art!

Alphabet sensory bin Have you ever watched a child just fill and pour for ages in your sensory table? It always grabs my attention when a child carefully fills and pours over and over. They are making connections.

Adding in letters is really just a fun way to discover them but no extra instruction is required. Let the children explore and discover with their hands! Alphabet sticker wall Stickers are always a hit and what I love about this activity is that it naturally works on fine motor skills as well as patience.

When children are ready they can spell with the stickers, group them, and use the already stuck stickers for games like eye spy. I am always amazed at how these murals get used as children develop. Alphabet magnets on a magnet board Alphabet magnets are a classic for a reason. So many great idea for them check out a post I wrote for Scholastic for more but just having them out and available is great for free choice.

I like to sort by color. Have them all up and ask students to go search for a specific color. I then label the letter, or sometimes I will spell out a name or two and see if anyone recognizes it. And if they do I spell a new one. But, if not, no worries the children find their own ways to play as well.

Letter stamps in play dough Children love it when you mix two things they never thought to mix together. Letter stamps in play dough is a fun way to invite children to play with letters.

They can squish the letters into the playdough making fun marks, work on spelling their names, print the whole alphabet, or even hide the stamps in the playdough and then excavate them!

Reading A comfy place to read and some easily accessible books are a must for free choice. Check out my list of 50 awesome alphabet activities by clicking on the image below or here.

Need some alphabet books? Click on the image below or here to be taken to the reviews. For other fun literacy activities for preschool aged kids, make sure to follow me over on Facebook! Share it with a friend!

Preschool Literacy Activities

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Young children are like sponges. Every day they learn skills that will help them become readers. Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers become aware of books and print and learn about sounds and letters. Preschool educators play a critical role in promoting literacy, preventing reading difficulties, and preparing young children for kindergarten.

She emphasizes the importance of building the framework for literacy in preschool and even before then.

“If we start early and build on a child’s experience as they grow, they will not only be able to read and write, but also LOVE to read and write.”. Since , the National Institute for Early Education Research has provided independent, research-based analysis and technical assistance to inform policy supporting high-quality early education for all young children.

NIEER is committed to providing nonpartisan research that enhances the early childhood education field and encourages policies and practices promoting the physical, cognitive.

Literacy development is one of the most important areas of education. An early love of reading and writing can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment and achievement in our society.

Camping Math and Literacy Centers are loaded with fun, hands on camping themed activities to help your students build math and literacy concepts! Literacy skills covered are letter identification, beginning sounds, building vocabulary words, writing/journaling, and reading comprehension.

Preschool literacy
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