Quantitative research vs qualitative research essay

What was the rationale for using only patients with a diagnosis of hypertension that was currently being treated? There does not appear to be an independent control utilized in this study.

Quantitative research vs qualitative research essay

Download this Essay in word format. Qualitative research does not depend on numbers or statistics, unlike quantitative research. Liberated from the need to devise surveys or instruments to measure only quantifiable results, the research can gather information that is more abstract, subjective, or exploratory in nature.

Both qualitative and quantitative research are empirical methods relevant to the social sciences, and can be used together to bolster understanding of a specific subject, population, theory, issue, or set of variables. Some of the most common research designs used in qualitative research include interviews, observations, and case studies.

Some of the drawbacks of qualitative research methods include the small sample size, and the lack of generalizable data.

Quantitative research vs qualitative research essay

To make up for this drawback, researchers can supplement their initial qualitative research with a follow-up study that focuses on some of the key variables that were elucidated in the qualitative research.

Qualitative research is systematic, even though it is not quantitative in its design. For example, a researcher can use systems of verbal coding when analyzing interview responses to determine which themes or phrases are repeated most often by participants.

Similarly, a researcher can catalog gestures or behaviors in an observational research design. Using systematic methods that are thoroughly explained in the report helps to improve the rigor of any qualitative research.

On the contrary, researchers undermine the integrity and validity of their qualitative research when they do not use systematic means of analyzing the data, or when they do not frame their research in terms of prevailing theories or prior literature. Researchers also need to minimize bias when designing their qualitative studies, such as by carefully crafting interview questions or methods of observation.

As Morse, Barrett, Mayan, Olson, and Spiers point out, qualitative research is not exempt from issues like research rigor, methods, validity, and reliability.

Quantitative research vs qualitative research essay

Qualitative research seems more nebulous or softer than quantitative research, because of its exploratory nature. The authors are absolutely correct to point out not only that qualitative research can and should conform to rigorous standards, but also that the means by which to ensure reliability and validity….Free Essay: Qualitative and quantitative research methods take different approaches to gathering and analysing information.

Whether it is a qualitative or. While defining quantitative and qualitative research based on their uses and purposes may be considered a practical approach for researcher, the difference actually lies .

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research A comparative analysis of quantitative and qualitative research designs In the conduct of sociological research, the qualitative and quantitative research designs remain the predominant structures in which scientific studies on social phenomena are discovered, analyzed, and interpreted.

When it comes to research, there are two types of methods that are used to help us illustrate the world in which we live in. Quantitative research methods show patterns of change through statistics, and they apply to the general population because sample sizes are larger.

Critiquing Qualitative and Quantitative Research - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample The research conducted by Foster-Fitzpatrick, Ortiz, Sibilano, Marcantonio and Braun () is a quantitative study of the significance of crossing the legs while blood pressure is being measured.

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Qualitative vs. Quantitative Analysis When research is being conducted you must gather data. “Data are the facts and figures collected, analyzed, and summarized for presentation and interpretation” (Anderson, Sweeney & Williams, , 5.).

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