Research paper on internet security and privacy

Although Internet users know that some personal data will be required to make a purchase, they are often unaware of the personal data that can be collected without their knowledge by simply visiting a Web page or reading e-mail. This paper addresses some of the ways unauthorized personal information has been and is being collected and steps that can be taken to prevent or avoid this collection. To make an online purchase, an Internet user must provide a certain amount of personal information to the vendor. There have been many reported cases of security failures at online vendors of products and services.

Research paper on internet security and privacy

The state of Internet privacy in Research roundup By Margaret Weigel Concerns about the decline in personal privacy have long troubled citizens, scholars and politicians. Warren and Louis Brandeis, the future Supreme Court justice. Online users now routinely access the names of friends and family members, work histories, relationship status, credit card information, and bank statements via the Internet.

In Februarythe U. Regulators note that, because so much commerce is moving to mobile, increased oversight is necessary in this space.

Research paper on internet security and privacy

Kerr of George Washington University. Of course, young persons are a group of particular concern. According to another surveymore Americans are expressing concern about protecting their privacy online, but they continue to share more personal data than ever.

Meanwhile, data mining and other aggressive information-capturing techniques have become commonplace for businesses large and small. Facebook not only uses personal information shared by users to deploy targeted advertisingbut it also sells it to external vendors.

The company also introduced Facebook Graph Searchwhich allows users to capitalize on its site data to conduct complex searches of people, places, interests and other data. Companies large and small are on guard against thieves, hackers and spambotsbut security breaches are anything but rare: In April alone, data losses were reported by LivingSociala Kmart pharmacy in Arkansas, an upstate New York hospitalBlue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio and Indiana and, ironically, a site dedicated to protecting online reputations.

Mobile technologies and public Wi-Fi hotspots have proven to be particularly vulnerable to malicious mischief. The damage from pirated information can range from lost job prospects to serious financial troubles if Social Security and credit card numbers are stolen.

Businesses and governments can be forced to fund costly security upgrades to infrastructures to fend off cybercriminals.

Security and Privacy on the Internet - Research Paper Security and Privacy on the Internet By: Often the price of information is higher many times than the cost of the very computers and technologies where it is functioning.
Internet Security Research Paper Starter - However, Internet use is not without its risks. Cyber crime is on the rise and its potential consequences can be disastrous for both the individual and the organizational victim.
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Security and privacy on the Internet Research Paper However, Internet use is not without its risks.

Research has shown that security breaches depress user engagement online, which is bad news for businesses and governments alike. Of course, revelations about the U. The article, published in the Mississippi Law Journal, explains both the technical details of surveillance and raises broad theoretical questions about the changing nature of privacy.

The article serves as an accessible but comprehensive primer. What are the ways that online privacy can be breached, and what are some strategies individual users and companies use to protect online privacy? In the struggle to maintain online privacy, who has the greater responsibility, users or companies?

The following are recent academic research studies and reports that address issues relating to digital privacy: Communication Research, AprilVol.

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Hierarchical regression models analyzed data from a national sample of adult Internet users.On this page you will find links to: • Reference Materials & Notes – Link • Bibliography of Social Media and Psychology related papers (which we maintain) – Link OPF Papers are available here.

Online privacy research papers report that one of the most important issues concerning the Internet in the millennium is that of online privacy. According to a report from Pew Internet & American Life Project, “nine out of ten users do not make purchases on the Internet .

Next I would like to speak about effective measures to protect data.

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Selection of security means should be based on an effective protection and meanwhile should be convenient/5(1).

Research Problem: Internet security and privacy, what you can do to make it more efficient, and what software you can buy to protect yourself. Research Research /5(1). Computers & Internet Research Paper Topic Suggestions.

Authentication Certificates - Authentication Certificates research papers explore information security through encryption techniques and encryption technology.. Cloud Computing - Cloud Computing research papers discuss the Internet-based system in which numerous servers are linked together to provide centralized data storage.

Download file to see previous pages Individuals generally assume that such information is kept secret by the websites and resources that they entrust with these details; however, data mines like those on the internet can easily be manipulated and used such that compromising information can be turned over.

The roles of organized parties in the relationship between individual data provider and.

Research paper on internet security and privacy
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