The demonstration of love in turgenevs first love

At the age of 26 she inherited a huge fortune from him.

The demonstration of love in turgenevs first love

Vladimir does not want to tell the story but agrees to write it down and read it for his friends a few weeks later. In the narrative that he recalls, Vladimir Petrovich is sixteen years old during the summer of He lives in Moscow with his parents, but his family leases a summer house near the Kaluga Toll-gate, in Keskootchy.

Vladimir is preparing for University but has his freedom since his last tutor quit.

The demonstration of love in turgenevs first love

He has an uncomfortable relationship with his parents; Vladimir's mother scarcely notices him, and his father treats him with a good-humored indifference. At this point in Vladimir's life, he does not have a clear image of women or love, but that changes when he meets the neighbor's daughter, Zinaida Zasyekin.

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Vladimir first sees Zinaida in the garden and runs blushing to his room after his spying is discovered.

When his mother sends him to Princess Zasyekin's lodge, he becomes a constant visitor to Zinaida. Vladimir quickly falls in love with Zinaida who torments him by being kind at times and completely ignoring him at other times. After Zinaida changes a lot over a week, Vladimir realizes that she has fallen in love, and he ponders whom she loves.

After Zinaida tells Vladimir that she wants him to love her as a friend but not as before, she appoints him her page. Count Malevsky chides Vladimir for being a bad page and suggests that the boy watch the garden to learn who Zinaida is in love with.

Vladimir sees his father in the garden but does not ponder the subject. Petrovich learns of her husband's affair with Zinaida and decides to move back to Moscow immediately, Vladimir takes his leave of Zinaida, assuring her of his everlasting love and devotion.

Several years later, after Vladimir has graduated from University, he learns that Zinaida is in St. Petersburg, but it takes a week for him to visit her upon which he learns that she died four days earlier during childbirth.

Vladimir is struck with the need to offer a prayer for Zinaida, his father and himself. Princess Zinaida Zasyekinappears in First Love Princess Zinaida Zasyekin is the twenty-one year old daughter of the elderly Princess Zasyekin who rents the decrepit lodge in Keskootchy, located next door to the Petrovichs' summer house.

Zinaida has many admirers: Zinaida has a graceful figure and a lovely face. Her arms are beautiful, and her hair is fair. Zinaida's eyes are large, grey and perceptive. She is joyful, and her movements are enchanting, imperious and caressing.

She is always laughing, and Vladimir finds her enchanting.Feb 08,  · First Love by Ivan TURGENEV | Love Story | FULL Unabridged AudioBook Priceless Audiobooks.

Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev - First Love - Duration: First Love by Emilia Pardo Bazán. Ivan’Turgenev’s First love seems to split the distance between what Wiki defines as a Coming of Age Story which “ focuses on the growth of a protagonist from youth to adulthood ("coming of age").Reviews: Near the end of his life, Turgenev said of First Love: "It is the only thing that still gives me pleasure, because it is life itself, it was not made up First Love is part of my experience.".

Oct 27,  · A beautiful love story by the masterful Russian author, Ivan Turgenev, has been made into an exquisite, internationally acclaimed film. Category People & Blogs. Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev was a Russian novelist, short story writer, poet, playwright, translator and popularizer of Russian literature in the West.

His first major publication, a short story collection entitled A Sportsman's Sketches, was a milestone of Russian realism, and his novel Fathers and Sons is regarded as one of the major works of 19th-century fiction.

‘And so it’s settled,’ he observed, sitting back farther in his easy-chair and lighting a cigar; ‘each of us is to tell the story of his first love. It’s your turn, Sergei Nikolaevitch.’ Sergei Nikolaevitch, a round little man with a plump, light-complexioned face, gazed first at the .

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