The marvin lewis issue

The Bengals are a mess, and much of that has to do with the defense. While the offense certainly had its issues Sunday, the game was lost in the first half when the defense allowed the Saints to reel off 35 points, which is tied for the most allowed in one half in the Marvin Lewis era.

The marvin lewis issue

They close out the season on Sunday at the Baltimore Ravens. But the veteran coach could never quite exorcise his playoff demons, going in the postseason. Even after the past two disappointing seasons, the Bengals are no longer seen as the laughingstock of the league, like they were in the s.

Lewis turned the team into a winner again. More importantly, he built a solid foundation for the future. He was used to that after a stint with the Ravens, who had a chaotic first season in the The marvin lewis issue after relocating from Cleveland in Lewis, then a defensive coordinator, helped turn the Baltimore team into a Super Bowl winner in while overseeing a defensive unit often considered the best of all time.

Lewis was passed over for several head-coaching positions, including with the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His hiring in Cincinnati was considered the first success of the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate for head-coaching jobs.

Lewis came into the franchise at a difficult time. The Bengals had not had a winning season since and had gone through three head coaches during that span.

The marvin lewis issue

Lewis was the Bengals' first head coach hired without ties to the organization since Sam Wyche in Cincinnati was coming off a season and was about to part ways with quarterback Akili Smith, considered by some the biggest draft bust of all time.

Marvin cleaned this up! Lewis also had to work in a unique environment. Brown did not have a general manager, a large scouting staff or an indoor practice facility. Lewis did not have full control over the coaching staff and inherited offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski from the previous regime.

Some of those things made Lewis reluctant to agree to the new deal he eventually signed in That was the start of changes in the organization, including replacing Bratkowski with Jay Gruden, trading Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders after he demanded out of Cincinnati and drafting A.

Green and Andy Dalton with the Bengals' top two picks. Lewis was able to wrest more control away from the front office over the years, but those issues will remain a challenge for the next head coach.

Ups and downs Lewis turned the Bengals into winners. That's reflected in winning seasons sevenpostseason berths seven and AFC North titles four.

Marvin Lewis made Bengals winners, but legacy includes in playoffs - AFC North- ESPN

But his tenure has had its undeniable flaws.The days of a Marvin Lewis led Bengals team losing on Wildcard Weekend are officially over. His Bengals team can’t lose if he isn’t the coach anymore. Leave the memories alone. In the first couple of years as the Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis had major issues with two of the team’s best players on each side of the ball.

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Marvin Louis . The uncertainly over whether Marvin Lewis is staying or going pales in comparison to the end of the Sam Wyche era with the Bengals. Let’s move on the post-mortem for the Marvin Lewis Era, because clearly the city is in no mood to wait for an official death notice from Elias Sports Bureau.

This whole issue with Marvin Lewis has got me thinking and I'm starting to see some parallels with our coaching staff. It's growing pretty apparent that Marvin Lewis is not the answer for the Bengals.

Lewis has had issues controlling his team and it has cost them some important games.

Marvin Lewis declines comment on if defensive coaching changes are coming for Bengals