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Training program brunt

What is Endurance Riding? Endurance riding was first Training program brunt in the early s as a military test for cavalry mounts.

Horses were required to go on a 5-day, mile km ride carrying at least lbs.

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The cavalry test became a civilian sport in the early s. Over time the reduction of distance and time increased the number of riders and rides, and in the Federation Equestre Internationale FEIthe international governing body for World and Olympic equestrian events, recognized endurance riding as an international sport.

In over FEI endurance competitions were held in Europe, Asia, and the American continents incorporating over 49 countries worldwide. The AERC also maintains the ride points, lifetime mileage and awards database for each horse and rider entered in both national and internationally sanctioned endurance rides.

LD rides are anywhere from 25 to 35 miles in length. AERC rules allow 12 hours to complete a 50 mile ride, and 24 hours for a mile ride. Limited Distance is allowed 6 hours for 25 miles. Ride time is pre-determined incrementally by the ride distance. The ride time includes time on the trail, and time spent in the vet check.

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There is no rider minimum or maximum age limitation, and the AERC awards program also offers special awards to families who have compiled the most miles in riding together. Horses are required to pass a pre-ride vet check for soundness before they are allowed to start.

Endurance rides have manditory "holds" during the ride where horses must pulse down to meet a specific heart rate parameter -- anywhere from 60 to 68 bpm beats pr minute -- before they are then checked by qualified veterinarians to ensure the horses are fit to continue.

Training program brunt

Horses that do not pulse down within a specified time, or fail to pass the vet check, are pulled from the competition. Because of the nature of this sport every caution is taken to ensure the safety and health of the horses. The riders are then free to go at their own pace throughout the ride as long as they do not exceed the time limit for their ride distance, or the cut-off times if applicable for the vet checks.

Riders may run, walk, or jog alongside their horses at any time throughout the ride. Endurance is a strategic test of horsemanship.

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All riders must conduct themselves according to AERC rules of sportsmanship. A rider can take up to a year or more to train themselves and a horse to be ready to compete in a 50 mile ride, and several years to compete in a mile ride or an FEI level event.

Can my horse do endurance? Endurance is open to all equine breeds horses, ponies, and mules that are 5 years and older. Endurance horses must be thoroughly trained and conditioned to meet the demands of the modern endurance competition.

Any fit, sound and healthy horse or pony is more than capable of not only completing a ride, but also top-tenning being among the first ten to cross the finish line and pass the final vetting. Welfare of the horse is paramount in this sport, and all horses entered must pass a pre-ride examination at the ride site by a licensed veterinarian before they are allowed to start the ride.

Horses must also pass additional mandatory vet examinations at specific check-points during the ride, and a final exam within 1 hour after the ride. Any horse showing lameness or failure to meet specified metabolic parameters is immediately eliminated.

Some breeds, like the Arabian horse, are genetically designed for distance and tend to predominate in this sport; but one sees many, many other light breeds out on the trail competing -- and winning -- endurance.Brunt Hotel Case Study Summary Activity A: Key priorities-Propose an important French training for futures managers.-Select the hotels to keep in the Brand Hotel Group.

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