Walt whitman and his strange obsession

It is the story of self-making, a process that remains no less miraculous for being so well explained. Zweig opens his discussion with this bald fact: Nevertheless, seven years later, a strange book called Leaves of Grass appeared, largely unheralded. In due time, this book, an ongoing compilation that went through a series of shape-shifting editions, would be recognized as the product of genius.

Walt whitman and his strange obsession

Plot summary[ edit ] Malcolm Ross, a young barristeris awakened in the middle of the night and Walt whitman and his strange obsession to the house of famous Egyptologist Abel Trelawny at the request of his daughter, Margaret, with whom Malcolm is enamored.

Once Malcolm arrives at the house, he meets Margaret, Superintendent Dolan, and Doctor Winchester, and learns why he has been called: Margaret reveals that her father had left a letter of strange instructions in the event of his incapacitation, stating that his body should not be removed from his room and must be watched at all times until he wakes up.

The room is filled with Egyptian relics, and Malcolm notices that the "mummy smell" has an effect on those in the room. On the first night of watch, Malcolm awakens to find Trelawny again on the floor, bloody and senseless.

Winchester to summon another expert, and he calls for Dr. James Frere, a brain specialist. However, when Frere demands that Trelawny be moved from his room, Margaret refuses and sends him away.

After a normal night with no attacks, a stranger arrives, begging to see Trelawny. He reveals himself to be Eugene Corbeck, an Egyptologist who was working with Trelawny.

He has returned from Egypt with lamps that Trelawny requested, but finds upon his arrival at the house that the lamps have disappeared. Concerned for Margaret, Malcolm tells Corbeck everything that has happened up until his arrival, and Corbeck gives Malcolm a mysterious book to read.

The book tells the story of Nicholas van Huyn, a Dutch explorer who travelled to the Valley of the Sorcerer to explore the tomb of a mysterious Egyptian queen, Tera.

In the tomb, he finds a sarcophagus and a mummy hand with seven fingers, adorned with a ruby ring with seven points that look like stars.

Corbeck tells Malcolm that, years ago, he and Trelawny travelled to Egypt to search for the tomb where the sarcophagus lies.

Walt whitman and his strange obsession

The hieroglyphics on the wall led Corbeck and Trelawny to believe that the mummy was possessed with some sort of black magic and that Queen Tera had immense power over the Upper and Lower Worlds. The hieroglyphics seemed to indicate that Tera planned to return from the dead.

They took the sarcophagus from the tomb and left, only to be robbed of the mummy during a storm by their Arab guides. Trelawny suggested that they return to the tomb, where they found the mummy and the three Arabs, murdered.

Dolan and the police depart, glad to escape from the mystery, and Trelawny gathers the remaining inhabitants of the house to explain his Great Experiment. He reveals that he has prepared a house in isolated Kyllion where the experiment is to take place. After this overwhelming wealth of information is revealed, Malcolm questions the implications of ancient forces interacting with new civilization.

He worries about the impact on religion and monotheism if the power of the ancient Egyptian gods is proven. Trelawny also posits that the ancient Egyptians possessed contemporary scientific knowledge, such as the discovery of radium and invention of electricity.

Malcolm begins to suspect that Margaret is the astral body of Tera and fears that she will be too weak to fight off a possession, but when he relays these concerns to Trelawny and Margaret, they seem unafraid of this possibility.

On the night of the experiment, a wild storm rages outside as they set up in a cave underneath the house. Margaret tells her father that Tera will not possess the mummy cat and will remain powerless until the experiment is complete, seeming to confirm that Margaret has been possessed.

They discover that Tera is wearing a marriage robe, which greatly distresses Margaret. Malcolm is put in charge of turning on the electric lights after the experiment ends, and Margaret blows out the candles. As the lamps are lit, the coffer begins to glow, emitting a green vapour that passes into the sarcophagus.

Suddenly, the wind from the storm shatters a window, blowing the vapour around the room, and black smoke pours out of the coffer.

The room is engulfed in smoke, and Malcolm waits for the command to turn on the lights, but it never comes. The lamps slowly burn out and Malcolm fumbles in the dark, coming across the limp body of a woman whom he believes is Margaret. He returns to the cave and turns on the lights to find all of his companions on the floor, dead.

In a revised version released inthis ending was removed. In the second version, the experiment fails entirely, no one is harmed, and Margaret and Malcolm marry a few years later. Characters[ edit ] Malcolm Ross: The protagonist and narrator, Malcolm is drawn into the mystery of Queen Tera by his love for Margaret Trelawny, and his desire to protect her guides most of his actions.

A famous Egyptologist who becomes obsessed with the idea of resurrecting Tera. A hopeful, ambitious, and fearless man, he is extremely interested in scientific progress and believes that the ancient Egyptians were more progressive than the contemporary British.

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An Egyptologist who aids Trelawny in his endeavors to recover Egyptian artifacts. A little bit feisty, he seems more interested in the artifacts than the idea of resurrecting Tera. His enthusiasm wanes and his anxiety grows as the Great Experiment goes from theory to reality.Jun 07,  · Walt Whitman is an American poet who is known for his characteristic style of depicting issues that focus on the worth of an individual and humanity.

Walt whitman and his strange obsession

Emerson's influence over Whitman's poetry is evident in his collection of poems in "Leaves of Grass.". Comments.

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Brother Nathanael October 29, @ pm. Text –Text– Text. The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed. It was a group of wealthy Chicago Jews back in the ’90s — some with strong Socialist views — with a plan to make Obama, America’s “first black President.”. This is a good basic biography of Walt Whitman.

Kaplan spends more time on Whitman's early adult life which helps the reader understand how the first publication of "Leaves of Grass" came about and how different it was from his earlier published prose works.

Jul 14,  · poem by Walt Whitman music by Harry Partch video images by George Schifini. The Muse Writers Center has many teachers who are professional writers, published in poetry, fiction, plays, screenplays, and nonfiction. Mar 30,  · Hart hit the books, specifically James Joyce and Walt Whitman, presenting Simon with a "first draft" that, after she added a few phrases, became .

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