Was the industrial revolution a blessing or a curse

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Was the industrial revolution a blessing or a curse

Young children today are too distracted and occupied to spend time with their families. Sciences and tecknology a blessing or a curse? It can be used either way but it is mostly a blessing.

Let us look at the Bible: Matthew Maurey, the father of modern oceanography discovered the seas had paths and currents …from reading Psalms 8, and set out in faith to document these paths, and did so.

That one discovery and proof of the Bibles accuracy alone, accuracy regarding a then unknowable fact, saved months of travel time, and millions of lives, as well as dollars, and never since then has any sailor ever again got hung up in the doldrums, outside of an accident, or else by sheer foolishness.

Why did this still continue for a while? Because there are few who believed our report! He told us, long before humans ever found out, that the unique interaction of wind and wave cause specific pathways through the seas, and mind you these are in no wise straight lines.

Introduction Andrew Carnegie Wealth June Introduction Unlike many millionaires, Andrew Carnegie had a passionate desire to understand and justify in deeds the enormous fortunes that he and a few other tycoons had made.
was the industrial revolution a blessing or a curse? | Yahoo Answers Model[ edit ] The classic economic model describing Dutch disease was developed by the economists W. Max Corden and J.

This is why the modern shipping lanes are not straight. God even told us in the Book of Job Do you realize that this was not even discovered as a scientific fact untiland only recently have we been able to actually get down deep enough into these trenches to film these springs?

In doing so he unintentionally demonstrated two things about the Ark. The Ark has been determined by Brunnel to have had 1.

Time; Force; Action; Space; and Matter. Poor deluded Spencer could have saved so much time if he had only read the Bible!

Yeah, but YHVH is the potter and we are but the clay! Do you know what a macro-scope is? Neither do I, but apparently God has one!

In Psalm 19 we hear of the Sun traveling on a circuit all its own. No, the Bible does not teach our Sun or the earth to be the static center of our universe.

Which of course we today know as a simple fact and take for granted, having proved it to be in its own orbital trajectory, flying through space atmiles per hour, literally from one end of the cosmos heavens to the other.

Both these theories of men were incorrect, yet the Bible had the key to this astronomical truth before them all. Turns out that the Bible was correct against all odds given by the Skeptics!

The Temporary Autonomous Zone

Another of these little known Bible facts that I love to boast about is the story of light. Now no one can doubt that all cultures and religious philosophies taught light to be a static medium, like the Ether, through which we travel.

God asks the Psalmist Essay No. Science- A Blessing or A Curse. Science has revolutionized the human existence. Much of the progress that mankind has made in different fields right from the stone age to the modern age is due to the progress made in the field of science.

Was the industrial revolution a blessing or a curse

The increase of industrial revolution provided better transportation like railroads, steamboats, roads, canals. Railroads expanded the industrial revolution westward and it allowed people to ship more goods for a cheaper price faster and in the end could be bought at a cheaper store price.

The Industrial Revolution: DOUBLE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT. 1. A World Destroyed. Decide whether the evidence shows it was a Blessing or a Curse and explain WHY in the box provided.

If you believe it was both than fill in BOTH boxes. 2. Decide if you believe the Industrial Revolution was a blessing or a curse.

3. Use . Dec 08,  · Best Answer: The industrial revolution was a blessing. It paved the way for modern society and how our current economic system works.

Why was the industrial revolution seen as both a blessing and a curse

If it wasn't for the Industrial revolution we wouldn't have skyscrapers, time zones, the Brooklyn Bridge, ELECTRICITY (which means you wouldn't be on YAHOO ANSWERS right now!Status: Resolved. Founded in , Princeton University Press is an independent publisher with close connections, both formal and informal, to Princeton University.

The industrial revolution can be seen as a curse and a blessing because of the bad working conditions, child labor, poor living conditions, and shorter life expectancy.

Was the industrial revolution a blessing or a curse
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