Why euthanasia is a bad thing

Does a person have the right to terminate his own life? What about euthanasia, mercy-killing and assisted suicide:

Why euthanasia is a bad thing

Print this page General Christian view Christians are mostly against euthanasia. The arguments are usually based on the beliefs that life is given by God, and that human beings are made in God's image.

Some churches also emphasise the importance of not interfering with the natural process of death. They don't think that human dignity and value are measured by mobility, intelligence, or any achievements in life. Valuing human beings as equal just because they are human beings has clear implications for thinking about euthanasia: Christianity requires us to respect every human being If we respect a person we should respect their decisions about the end of their life We should accept their rational decisions to refuse burdensome and futile treatment Perhaps we should accept their rational decision to refuse excessively burdensome treatment even if it may provide several weeks more of life End of life care The Christian faith leads those who follow it to some clear-cut views about the way terminally ill patients should be treated: It has always taught the absolute and unchanging value of the commandment "You shall not kill".

The church has said that: Pope John Paul II has spoken out against what he calls a 'culture of death' in modern society, and said that human beings should always prefer the way of life to the way of death. The church regards any law permitting euthanasia as an intrinsically unjust law. The value of life Life is a thing of value in itself; it's value doesn't depend on the extent that it brings pleasure and well-being.

This means that suffering and pain do not stop life being valuable, and are not a reason for ending life. The church believes that each person should enter the dying process with all its mysteries with trust in God and in solidarity with their fellow human beings; they should die with the dignity of letting themselves be loved unconditionally.

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As Catholic leaders and moral teachers, we believe that life is the most basic gift of a loving God--a gift over which we have stewardship but not absolute dominion. Human beings are free agents, but their freedom does not extend to the ending of their own lives.

Euthanasia and suicide are both a rejection of God's absolute sovereignty over life and death. The church believes that each human life is a manifestation of God in the world, a sign of his presence, a trace of his glory. Refusing aggressive medical treatment The church regards it as morally acceptable to refuse extraordinary and aggressive medical means to preserve life.

Refusing such treatment is not euthanasia but a proper acceptance of the human condition in the face of death.

Assisting suicide Since it is morally wrong to commit suicide it is morally wrong to help someone commit suicide. True compassion leads to sharing another's pain; it does not kill the person whose suffering we cannot bear.The merciful thing would be to expect doctors to do no harm and ease the pain of those who suffer and support families and ministries in providing that care.

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Why euthanasia is a bad thing

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The restrictions focus primarily on child pornography. Cases from history (An appeal by the Scottish Voluntary Euthanasia Society) In March Anthony Bland had lain in persistent vegetative state for three years before a Court Order allowed his degradation and indignity to come to a merciful close.

The judges said that if he had made a living will expressing his future wishes he could have been allowed to die in peace earlier. A. AGS Ethics Committee, Physician-Assisted Suicide and Voluntary Active Euthanasia. Journal of American Geriatrics Society, May , 43(5)

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