Write a program to print the numbers in ascending order

For the tangent operation, you may use the Math:: Returns true if it succeeded, false otherwise.

Write a program to print the numbers in ascending order

There's nothing magical about the 'no header row' option in the sort command. All it does is tell Word whether or not to include the top row in the sort or not. No Header Row - all rows will be sorted Header Row - all except the top row will be sorted.

One Final Option Under the options button in the sort dialog box there is one final option which is to "sort column only". This option will not work unless you have your data in a table.

If you've already spent a great deal of time entering all of your data using a tab or a comma delimiter as we've discussed here all is not lost.

You can simply highlight your data and from the Table menu select Convert Text to Table to put your data into a table.

Then perform the sort, sorting only the column. You can even put your data right back into text format with delimiters using the Convert Table to Text option. Be careful though, the sort by column only will disassociate your rows from one another so that, if using the data from above, it now appears that Kevin Costner played Crash Davis in Field of Dreams rather than in Bull Durham.

Up will move the paragraph up in order; down will have the opposite effect. It is a nuisance to me to have Word automatically assume that I want "bullets" or numbers.

I have quite a bit of trouble with this. I would like to permanently turn them off. I don't need the software to assume I need them. Turning off bullets and numbering is easy. In the middle of the dialog box you'll find the "Apply as you type" section. Now, when you type a pair of "two hyphens and some text," Word won't turn the items into a bulleted list.

Security Update for Word Knowledge Base article and Word Knowledge Base article both address a security vulnerability in which Word allows arbitrary code to run when you open a maliciously modified document.

To automatically update your copy of Word with the fix, go to and click on the Check for Updates link at the top center of the page. The easiest way is to insert a field for the current date.

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Open the Letterhead file, 2. Move to the position where you want the date to appear, and use the Insert Field command. Choose the Create Date field, choose a format, and click on OK.

Now, as long as the date is supposed to be the date the file was created, you're fine.

write a program to print the numbers in ascending order

If you insert the Date field, you'll run into a problem -- whenever you open the file, the field is automatically replaced with the current system date. Thus, if you open the file you create today in two weeks, the letter will show the later date and you lose the original date the letter contained when you mailed it.

Talk about a nightmare. There's a keyboard shortcut that is often promoted to enter the current date: It's just as problematic.

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In fact, all this shortcut does is insert a Date field into the document. You lose the "original date" if you ever open this file in the future.

In Word, a field is similar to a formula, and the equivalent technique is to copy the date field that is, swipe your mouse over the date that is displayed in your documentthen with the current date still selected, use the Edit Paste Special command from the main menu and choose the Unformatted Text option.

Now your date is permanent Word replaces the date field with the actual date; it will no longer use the system date.Code, Example for Add two numbers in Assembly Language. Retrieved from "rutadeltambor.com?title=C_Source_Code/Sorting_array_in_ascending_and_descending_order&oldid=".

Write a c++ program to multiply two numbers without using multiplication operator. #include #include void main { int. I'm currently working on a program and I just cannot get it to work the way it is supposed to work.

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I need to enter three integers using a scanner, and then output the . Dec 25,  · write a C Program to arrange 10 numbers in ascending order C Program to arrange 10 numbers in ascending order Write a C++ program to print all the prime numbers with in the given range .

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